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What is love?

A short philosophy by Kevin Korpela (© 2004 observatorydrive.com)

Love can be many things but maybe love is when two mutually-attentive, non-judgemental and caring people nurture each other's possibilities (and want to rip each other's clothes away when they're companions versus friends.)

Though the tricky or magical part is that to make love really happen or really grow each party needs to be on some sort of similar level of development, which is irrespective of age of course.

This development, or maturity maybe, will never be equal but at least there should be a sincere movement in a compatible or overlapping direction.

Our days are often filled with small-view notions because we all have good and not-so-good days.

But when we think or feel that we can love another, we may be able to help relieve each other's hardship, pain and hatred, and those small-view notions in our bad hair days usually go away.

Because when we can love another,

We will sincerely offer ourselves to the other,

And offer our sacrifice, comfort, humor, joy and understanding!

© Kevin Korpela, www.observatorydrive.comô