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Pardon me, Ma'am

A short film-script by Kevin Korpela (© 2004 observatorydrive.com)

Only Scene: Three figures are standing in two groups inside a warm and thoughtful room located in a century-old building along Tower Avenue. One wall is lined with over one-hundred chromed canisters holding loose-leaf tea while the opposite and longer brick wall is a muted orange, red, beige, and white revealed during the building renovation and now exposed for all to appreciate.

Then a squeaky noise is heard coming from the sink faucet in the kitchen. A rather tall figure, grimaces at the sound, picks at something stuck in his teeth, uses his other hand to tug at his belt buckle, walks towards the two proprietors, and offers the following,

“Pardon me but I reckon ‘use have a worn gasket. I could fix it if you buy me a few beers at the saloon next door. Ya’ interested?”

A moment of silence as the two proprietors share a glance, then one says with a warm voice and smile,

“No thank you. We’ll manage.”

The tall figure repeats,

“Are ya’ sure?”

Then more silence but the tall figure breaks the stillness when he answers his own question,

“Well, no matter. Give me a call if ‘use need help, please.”

The tall figure begins to exit the room, but turns, and says,


then looks to each proprietor, nods slightly, tips his hat, and says,

“Ma'am,” and “Ma'am.”

He leaves the room, closes the door behind him and saunters along the sidewalk. The two proprietors look at each other with eyes rolling and one says to the other,

“So when was the last time someone called you ‘Ma'am?’”

© Kevin Korpela, www.observatorydrive.com™